Combined Baby Names

Disclaimer: Not all the Arabic names are well known Arabic names in the traditional sense. Some are Arabic words with good meanings. It is up to the individual to research these names and meanings before naming their child.

These are baby names that combine two or more baby names to create one whole baby name. 

Girls Names

Amandina (إيمان-دينه)


Amelia ( أمل-ليا)

Beth-Anna (بثنه)

Emelina (أمل-لينه)

Emeline (أمل-لين)

Emilia (أمل-ليا)

Emiliana (أمل-ليانه) 

Faye-Rosa (فيروزه)

Faye-rose (فيروز)

Madeleine (مدى-لين)

Madalina (مدى-لينا)

May-Sam (ميسم)

May-Sarah (ميسره)

Boys Names

Frederick (فريد-دراك)