Boy baby names

Disclaimer: Not all the Arabic names are well known Arabic names in the traditional sense. Some are Arabic words with good meanings. It is up to the individual to research these names and meanings before naming their child.

Aaron (هارون) [ha-roon]: Prophet Aaron (PBUH)

Abraham (ابراهيم) [ib-ra-heem]: Prophet Abraham (PBUH) 

Adam (ادم) [ah-dem]: Prophet Adam (PBUH). 

Aiden (عيدان) [ee-dan] : Plural of Eid (Islamic celebrations) and a type of Arabian perfume (oud). 

Alan (علن) [al-len]: To publicise 

Alan (الان) [ah-laan]: A Kurdish name meaning the one who stands at the front of the army. 

Albie (قلبي) [qal/al-bee]: My heart.

Alexander (الإسكندر) [al-esk-ken-der]: Alexander the Great. 

Alfred (الفريد) [al-far-reed]: The unique one 

Arthur (اثار) [ah-thar]: Neat/clean.

Augustus ( أغسطس) [aw-ghus-tus]: The month of August. 

Basil (باسل) [ba-sil]: Courageous 

Baker (باقر) [ba-qir]: Title of the 5th imam. 

Benjamin (بنيامن) [ben-nee-ya-men]: Prophet Benjamin (PBUH). Means the son of the right hand. 

Conan (كونين) [kow-nain]: 2 existences, 2 universes. 

Cameron (كمران) [kum-ran]: Persian name meaning handsome.

Dean (دين) [deen]: Religion 

Daniel (دنيال) [daan-yaal]: The name of an angel. 

Eden (عدن) [ad-den]: The garden of Eden 

Elias (الياس) [ill-yas]: Prophet Elias (PBUH)

Eamonn (أيمن) [ay-men]: Of the Right hand.

Felix (فلك) [fel-lik]: Orbit of a planet (also mentioned in the Quran) 

Fidel (فاضل) [fa-dhil]: Generous one

Fred (فريد) [fer-reed]: Unique

Freddie (فريدي) [fer-reedy] : Unique

Frederick (فريد-دراك): Unique – The one who understands 

Gabriel (جبرائيل) [jib-ra-eel]: Angel Gabriel 

Harris (حارس) [ha-ris]: Protector/Guardian

Ian (ايان) [ay-yan]: Time/era mentioned in the holy Quran 

Idris (ادريس) [id-drees]: Prophet Idris (PBUH) 

Isaac (إسحاق) [is-haak] : Prophet Isaac (PBUH)

Ishmael (اسماعيل) [is-ma-eel]: Prophet Ishmael (PBUH)

Jeffrey (جعفري) [jaa-fir-ree]: Of the house of Jafar (Jafar meaning small river). Name of the 6th Imam. Commonly used as a surname.

Joseph (يوسف) [yoo-sef]: Prophet Joseph (PBUH)

Jacob (يعقوب) [yaa-coob]: Prophet Jacob (PBUH) 

Jayden (جيداً) [jay-yid-den]: Goodness 

Joshan (جوشن) [jo-shan]: Name of a prayer (dua). Joshan Kabir.

Jude (جود) [jood]: Generosity.

Kian (كيان) [kay-yan]: Existence

Louie (لؤي) [loo-ay]: Wild Ox.

Leith (ليث) [layth]: Lion 

Laurence (لورنس) [low-rens]: Lawrence of Arabia. 

Malachi (مالكي) [mal-lik-kee]: House of Malik (ownership)

Marcel (مرسال) [mir-sal]: Messenger 

Michael (ميكائيل) [mee-ka-yeel]: Name of an angel. 

Niall (نائل) [na-il]: Achiever

Nigel (نجل) [neg-gel]: Son

Noah (نوح) [nooh]: Prophet Noah (PBUH).

Ray (ري) [ray] : Beautiful smell 

Reece (رئيس) [ra-ees]: Leader 

Ryan (ريان) [ray-yan]: A door in heaven 

Raef (رائف) [ra-if]: Kind and compassionate. 

Ramsey (رمزي) [rem-zee]: A sign/symbol/signal. 

Rowan (روان) [row-wan]: Delightful and Contented. 

Russell (رسول) [rus-sool]: Messenger 

Sammy (سامي) [sa-mee]: The elevated one

Samuel [sumu-el] : King of Larsa (an ancient King of an ancient city in Iraq)

Salem (سالم) [sa-lem]: Peaceful 

Sultan (سلطان) [sul-taan]: Sultan 

Solomon (سليمان) [su-lay-man]: Prophet Solomon (PBUH)

Zachariah (زكريا) [zak-kar-ree-ya]: Prophet Zachariah (PBUH)

Zane (زين) [zayn]: Goodness. 

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  1. Finally a place I can read all the names that are actually modern and aren’t old school. Saves me time browsing the internet .


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