Girl baby names

Disclaimer: Not all the Arabic names are well known Arabic names in the traditional sense. Some are Arabic words with good meanings. It is up to the individual to research these names and meanings before naming their child.

Aida (عايده) [Iyd-deh]: The one who returns. 

Ada:  (عايده) [Iyd-deh]: The one who returns. 

Adela (عادله) [ah-dil-leh] : Just woman.

Alannah (اللانا) [el-lan-na]: The Soft/Tender.

Alexandria (الاسكندريه) [el-esk-ken-der-ree-yeh]: A city in Egypt and a region in Iraq. 

Alfreda (الفريده) [al-far-reed-deh]: The unique one. 

Aline (الين) [el-leen]: The soft and tender one. 

Alina (اللينا) [el-leen-na]: The soft and tender one.

Alma (عالمه) [ah-lima]: Knowledgable/expert.

Amalie (امالي) [ah-mal-lee] : My hopes/aspirations.

Amandina (إيمان-دينه) [ee-man—deen-neh] : Faith—Religion.

Amandine (إيمان-دين) [ee-man—deen] : Faith—religion.

Ameila (اميله) [ah-meel-leh]: Sources say that this the name of Prophet Abraham’s (pbuh) mother. However unconfirmed. 

Amelia (عمليه) [ah-mel-lee-ya]: Hardworking, practical.

Amelia ( أمل-ليا) [ah-mel–lee-ya]: Hope-softness 

Amelie (املي) [em-mel-lee]: My hope.

Annika (انيقه): Elegant/Styish

Anna (إناء) [ah-naa]: A time/portion of the night- mentioned in the holy Quran.

Aoife (ايفاء) [ay-faa]: To be loyal 

Arabelle (أربيل) [ar-beel]: Kurdish city in Iraq

Asia (اسيا) [ah-see-ya]: Wife of a Pharoah and foster mother to Prophet Moses (PBUH).

Ava (اوا) [ah-va]: Persian name meaning voice/sound

Ayla (ايلا) [Iy-la]: Turkish name meaning the light around the moon.

Camellia (كاميليا) [cam-meel-lee-ya]: The flower camellia. 

Camila (كميله) [cam-meel-la]: Perfect/Complete.

Camilla (كامله) [cah-mil-la]: Perfect/complete.

Carmen (كرمان) [car-man]: Generous/Selfless 

Catherine (كاترين) [ca-treen]: The name of one of the highest mountains in Egypt. Mount Catherine (jibil katrine). 

Celina (سيلينا) [see-leen-na]: Said to be the gold writing on the holy Kaaba. Can also mean floodlike/torrential.

Celine (سيلين) [see-leen]: Said to be the gold writing on the holy Kaaba. 

Clare (كلار) [kel-lar]: Kurdish city in Iraq

Cosima (قصمه) [qis-meh]: Fate

Crystal (كريستال) [kiristal]: Crystal 

Dahlia (داليا) [da-lee-ya]: The flower dahlia. 

Dana (دانا) [da-na]: Pearl.

Dania (دانيه) [da-nee-yeh]: To be near to. 

Donna (دنا) [dun-na]: To be near to, and the plural of Earth.

Dora (دره) [dur-reh]: Large pearl.

Delilah (دليله) [del-leel-leh]: Clear sign.

Diana (ديانه) [dee-yan-neh]: Religion/worship.

Diane (ديان) [dee-yan]; Religion/worship.

Dina (دينه) [dee-neh]: Religion.

Doreen (دارين) [dah-reen]: A place in Bahrain. Also can mean to comfort/look after. And can mean the beautiful image when a flower first opens.

Eden (عدن) [ad-den]: The garden of Eden. 

Eileen (عالين) [ah-leen]: Loftly/High.

Eleanor (النور) [el-noor]: The light. Also a name of a chapter in the holy Quran. 

Eleanora (النوره) [el-noor-reh]: The Light. 

Elena (اللينه) [el-leen-neh]: The soft/tender one. 

Eline (اللين) [el-leen]: The soft/tender one. 

Eliana (الليانه) [el-lay-yan-neh]: The soft/tender one. 

Eliane (الليان) [el-lay-yan]: The soft/tender one. 

Eliza (اليزه) [el-leez-za]: Sources say that this is one of the names of the daughters of Imam Ali (but unconfirmed). 

Ella (ايلا) [ay-la]: Turkish name meaning hazel.

Ella (الا) [il-la]: Singular of the name Alaa (plural) meaning nobility and excellence.

Emelina (أمل-لينه) [em-mel—lee-neh]: Hope-Soft/tender.

Emeline (أمل-لين) [em-mel—leen]: Hope- Soft/tender.

Emila (اميله) [em-meel-leh]: Sources say that this is the name of prophet Abraham’s (PBUH) mother. But unconfirmed. 

Emilia (أمل-ليا): [eh-mel–lee-ya]: Hope-Softness.

Emily (املي) [em-mel-lee]: My hope.

Emma (ايماء) [ey-maa]: To make a subtle gesture or mark 

Esme (اسماء) [es-maa]: The names of Allah.

Ethel (اثيل) [eth-theel]: Authentic/honorable

Faye (في) [fay]: Shade.

Faye-Rosa (فيروزه) [fay-rooz-zeh] : Turquise stone.

Faye-Rose (فيروز) [fay-rooz]: Turquise stone.

Fleur (فله) [ful-leh]: Type of Jasmine flower 

Freida (فريده) [fer-reed-deh]: Unique 

Giselle (غزل) [gha-zel]: Love and admiration.

Hannah (هنا) [han-na]: Happiness.

Ines (ايناس) [ee-nas]: To feel at peace.

Irene (ارين )[ar-reen]: Alive with energy.

Isla (ايلا) [Iye-la]: Turkish name meaning the light of the moon.

Jade (جيد) [jay-yid]: Goodness. 

Janet (جنات) [jen-naat]: Heavens.

Janette: (جنات) [jen-naat]: Heavens

Janina (جنينه) [jun-nayn-na]: Little heaven or little garden. 

Janine (جنين) [jen-neen]: A place in Palestine. The area was named Janine because of its stunning beauty and fertile land.

Jasmine (ياسمين) [yas-meen] : Jasmine flower. 

Jenna (جنه/جنا) [jen-nah/Jen-neh]: Harvest/ Heaven.

Joanna (جوانه) [jo-wan-neh]: A Persian name meaning youthful.

Joanne (جوان) [jo-wan]: Persian name meaning youthful.

Judy (جودي) [joo-dee]: The mountain where Propher Noah’s (PBUH) eventually rested. Mount Judy.

Julia (يوليه) [yu-lee-yeh]: The month of July 

Karina (قرينه) [qur-rayn-neh]: Companian

Katherine  (كاترين) [kah-treen]: One of the highest mountains in Egypt. Mount Katherine (jibil katrine).

Kathryn ( كثيراً) [keth-theer-ren]: Plentiful

Kautherine (كوثرين) [kow-ther-rayn]: 2 rivers in paradise. One river is kawther. 

Kenzie (كنزي) [ken-zee]: My treasure.

Lana (لانا) [la-na]: Soft/Tender.

Lara (لارا) [la-ra]: Not an Arabic name but used frequently in the Arab world. Latin meaning: Famous and bright.

Larissa ( لارسا)[lar-sa]: Ancient city in Iraq.

Lauren: (لارين) [la-reen]: Said to be the door of the Kaaba.

Layla (ليلى) [lay-la]: Night.

Leah (ليا) [lee-ya]: The Daughter of Prophet Jacob (PBUH) and sister of Prophet Joseph (PBUH). Wife of Prophet Job (PBUH).

Leanna (ليانه) [lay-yan-neh]: Soft/Tender.

Leanne (ليان) [lay-yan]: Soft/Tender.

Lena (لينا) [lee-na]: Soft/Tender.

Leia (ليا) [lay-ya]: The Daughter of Prophet Jacob (PBUH) and sister of Prophet Joseph (PBUH). Wife of Prophet Job (PBUH).

Lila (ليلا) [lee-la]: Persian variant of the name Layla meaning night. 

Lilac (ليلك) [lay-lek]: Lilac flower

Lilias (ليلياس) [lee-lee-yas]: Diamond water. 

Lilia (ليليا) [lee-lee-ya]: Persian variant of the name Layla meaning night. 

Lillian (ليليان) [lee-lee-yan]: Old arabic name meaning light of the moon.

Lillian (لليان) [lil-yan]: Soft/tender

Lily (ليلي) [lay-lee]: To belong to the night

Lina (لينا) [leen-na]: Soft/Tender. 

Louisa (لويزة) [loo-wayz -zeh]: Little almond.

Lujane (لجين) [lu-jayn]: Silver.

Lu Lu (لو لو) [lu-lu]: Pearl.

Luna(لونه) [lu-na]: Date palm.

Lyn (لين) [leen]: Soft/Tender.

Madeleine (مدى-لين) [mad-da—leen]: The most – Soft/tender.

Madalina (مدى-لينا) [mad-da—leen-na]: The most-Soft/tender.

Magda (مغده) [magh-deh]: Soft/gentle. 

Maia (مايا) [mah-ya]: Not an arabic name, but used frequently amongst arabs meaning Spring and growth. 

Mason (ميسون) [may-soon]: Beautiful face and body.

Marceline (مرسلين) [mur-sel-leen]: Messengers of the past. 

Marcella (مرسالة) [mur-sal-leh]: Messenger 

Maria (ماريا) [mah-ree-ya]: The name of the wife of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

Marina (مارينا) [mar-ree-na]: Port/harbour.

May (مي) [may]: Old arabic name.

Maya (ميا) [may-ya]: From the Arabic name May.

May-Sam (ميسم)[may-sem]:Beautiful.

May-Sarah (ميسره) [may-sir-ra] : Success and ease. 

Mia (ميا) [mee-ya]: From the Arabic name May.

Michelle (مشعل) [mish-al]: Unisex name meaning to turn on a fire/lantern/light.

Mila (ميلا) [mee-la]: A type of tree. 

Mina (مينه) [mee-neh]: Enamel cover.

Miriam (مريم) [mar-yam]: The name of the mother of Prophet Jesus (PBUH).

Misha (معيشة) [ma-eesh-sha]: Living, existence, life. 

Mona (منى) [mu-na]: Hopes, desires and wishes. 

Morgan (مرجان) [mir-jan]: Coral 

Morgana (مرجانه) [mir-jan-neh]: Persian name for coral. 

Nadia (ناديه) [na-dee-yeh] : Moist/tender.

Nadine (نادين) [na-deen]: Messenger/showerer of blessings. 

Naomi (نعومي) [na-aoom-mi]: Soft and delicate

Nigella (نجلاء) [nej-laa]: Wide eyed

Nina (نينا) [nee-na]: Persian name meaning nice. 

Noelle (نوال) [no-wal]: Goodness and fate.

Norah (نوره) [noo-reh]: Light.

Noreen (نورين) [noor-rayn]: Two lights.

Rae (ري) [ray]: Beautiful smell

Raya (ريا) [ray-ya]: Quenching thirst. 

Renee (رنا) [ren-na]: Eye catching, to gaze at longingly. 

Rihanna (ريانه/ريحانه) [ray-han-neh/ray-yan-neh]: Beautiful smelling plant/ Door of Paradise.

Rihanne (ريحان/ريان) [ray-yan/ray-han]: Door of paradise/ Beautiful smelling plant.

Rosanne (رزان) [raz-zan]: Balanced.

Rose (روز) [rowz]: Rose flower. This is not an Arabic name but used commonly in the Arab world. 

Rosa (روزا) [rowzha]: Kurdish/Persian name meaning radiant.

Ruby (روبي) [roo-bee]: Ruby stone and can mean close companion.

Sabrina (صبرينه) [sub-bree-neh]: Patient.

Sabella (سبيله) [sab-beel-leh]: Path/Guide. Can also mean water giver.

Saffron (زعفران) [zuaa-fran]: saffron 

Sally (سالي) [sa-lee]: Carefree, at ease, cheerful.

Salma (سلمى) [sel-meh] : Peaceful.

Sapphire (صفير) [saf-feer]: sapphire 

Sarah (ساره) [sa-reh]: Cheerful and joyful.

Savannah  (سفانا) [sef-fan-na]: Pearl.

Selene (سيلين) [see-leen]: Said to be the gold writing on the Kaaba. 

Selina (سيلينا) [see-lee-na]: Said to be the gold writing on the Kaaba. Can also mean torrential/floodlike.

Serena (سيرينه) [see-reen-neh]: Persian version of the name Serene, meaning mountain top or beauty.

Serene (سيرين) [see-reen]: Mountain top or beauty. Also the name of the sister of Maria (The wife of Prophet Mohammed PBUH).

Sophia (صفيه) [saf-fee-yeh]: Clarity

Sophia (صوفيه) [soo-fee-yeh]: Sufi

Summer (سمار) [sum-mar]: Tall plant, tanned skin.

Susan (سوسن) [sow-sen]: Lily flower.

Susannah (سوسنه) [sow-sen-neh]: Lily flower.

Talia (تاليا) [ta-lee-ya]: Recitation (of Quran).

Tamara (تماره) [tam-mar-reh] Date bearing palm tree.

Tara (تاره) [ta-reh]: Means “sometimes”in  the Quran. Also means brilliant star in Persian. 

Tina (تينه) [tee-neh]: Fig tree.

Yasmin (ياسمين) [yas-meen]: Jasmine flower.

Zara (زهراء) [zah-raa]: Flowers.

Zena (زينه) [zee-neh]: Decorations.

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