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    1. Hello, thank you for your comment. Noor is a great example of a bilingual name. However the Dutch name Noor is derived from the name Eleanor. Noor is not a well known English name. Interestingly Eleanor also means “light”, and some websites actually claim the name has Arabic origins- likely from the word Al-Noor. If you are looking for a similar name that is more suited to English speaking countries, I would suggest Norah (noora) which has recently become more fashionable. Or Eleanor (Al-Noor). This is a more classic name. It can be spelt also: Elinor or Elnor. Additionally the word Ela in Turkish can mean hazel so adding it to the word Noor (nor) to make: Elanor can make the beautiful meaning of “hazel light”. Personally I love the name Eleanor with Norah as a nickname.


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